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The application of textures, stickers and materials made the model very realistic.

But had as a consequence, the deceleration of our PC, however of good quality (P4 of 3.6 GHz with 2 Go of RAM and a graphics board of 128 Mo).

The application on model 3D of these materials, textures and especially of the stickers made very heavy the model

Insertion stickers :

We had to search all the sponsors of TOYOTA F1 (not always easy, much of Japanese sponsors), to improve them with Photoshop, to adapt them on the body. (to change the colors, zoom etc .....).

Methodology for the installation of the stickers (while clicking on the photograph).

We did research on the photographs “of the claws” (degraded of red and white on the body), we zoom them, reprocessed and recolorées with the colors of Toyota, then applied to the car.

To note: We have to improve all the stickers, to put them with colors plain. Because when that one will put transparent a color, for example the white. It had degraded there gray, that was a multitude of pixels which was not the same color (white).

Example of final improvement:

Before improvement
After improvement

Insertion material :

We applied to all the parts (except the cockpit, the body and the engine mask) of materials.
Methodology for the installation of materials (while clicking on the photograph).

Textures :

We put textures on the elements out of carbon, in particular the suspensions, the base, unquestionable and some supports aéro etc…